Other Projects

  • Concessions

    Infraiber has vast experience in the integral management of concessions in the fields of road infrastructures, railway transport and parking spaces through its Spanish affiliates.

  • Infrastructures

    Infraiber develops, participates, and manages the infrastructures tendered by public institutions, and also collaborates with private enterprises investing in them through their Spanish affiliates.

  • Services

    Through its Spanish affiliates, Infraiber provides a wide range of industrial services through the area of Installation, Maintenance, and Services, which includes activities such as electric and mechanical installations, rail electrification and signaling, deployment and maintenance of electric and telecommunications networks, and all services related to the machinery that supports the toll highway control or quotas within the highways, among others.

  • Technology

    In the past few years, Infraiber has been involved in the most modern technology for the control and payment of concessioned infrastructure systems, as well as in high technology activities for the control of mobile phone management through its Spanish affiliates.